Dusk World is a collaborative, transmedia story created by Alaine Thompson and Oliver Christie.

In a world where Donald Trump’s exit of the Paris Agreement sends the world’s carbon emissions beyond the brink, the world will slowly descend into a riotous apocalypse. Life as we know it, shrouded in a permanent dusk.

Stage 1: The world sits by idly, unsure what this strange occurrence means.

Stage 2: There is no record of a time before dusk world. Only the barren apocalyptic landscape chaotically survives.

Stage 3: Humanity has lived eternities in dusk and evolved in a barren landscape. What have they become and how will they survive when the sun finally rises once more?

And there’s one other thing. Each story shows the journey of the same phone through this unique apocalypse, showing the intrinsic connection between man and tool.

There will be a new post each week so stay tuned.